Wentja Morgan Napaltjarri : The Power of Tradition

Catalog , 2013

15 €

Editions Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris, 2013
Ouvrage bilingue : français - anglais Format 26 x 21 cm
Broché, 44 pages
28 illustrations Prix public : 15 €
ISBN : 978-2-9544576-1-1

‘Wentja Morgan Napaltjarri is one of the great authentic aboriginal artists of today who is widely regarded and actively collected by public institutions and private collectors in australia and internationally. She has created authoritative paintings, sometimes on a considerable monumental scale. She is a rare and magnifi cent talent, one who is making a unique contribution to australian aboriginal art within the context of a great heritage to which she has strong personal ties.’ Professor Sasha Grishin

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