Nyilyari Tjapangati, Living the Dream

Catalog , 2015

15 €

Editions Arts d'Australie - Stéphane Jacob, 2015
In association with Suzanne O'Connell, Brisbane
Texts by Henry F. Skerritt
Bilingual: French - English
Format / Dimensions 26 x 21 cm
Paperback, 52 pages, 36 illustrations
ISBN : 978-2-9544576-7-3

'In the past decade, Nyilyari Tjapangati has established himself as one of the most exciting new artists in Australia’s Western Desert. Hailing from the remote Aboriginal community of Kintore in Australia’s Northern Territory, his paintings draw upon the rich visual traditions of the Pintupi. It is a tradition that Nyilyari extends, finding expressive new ways to shape these forms into compelling contemporary artworks. Overcoming physical and personal hardships, Nyilyari manages to produces works of extraordinary rhythm and beauty. Pulsing with energy that is barely constrained within the boundaries of the canvas, Nyilyari’s paintings are visual manifestations of the power of Tjukurrpa (Dreaming), inviting us to experience the rich spiritual power of his ancestral country.’ Henry F. Skerritt

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