Ningura Napurula, Nurturing the Dreaming

Catalog , 2014

15 €

Editions Arts d'Australie - Stéphane Jacob, 2014
In association with Suzanne O'Connell, Brisbane
Texts by Jane Raffan.
Bilingual work: French - English
Format / Dimensions 26 x 21 cm
Paperback, 52 pages, 36 illustrations
ISBN : 978-2-9544576-4-2

‘Ningura Napurrula reached the pinnacle of acclaim amongst the first generation of Papunya Tula women painters who initiated a new phase in Western Desert art and inspired artistic and generational renewal. In the act of painting, Ningura brings the metaphysical power and authority of her Dreaming onto a physical plane. Her works represent an evolution of ceremonial expression from designs in sand, on skin, to canvas. Napurrula embraced this potent medium with a vitality born of her deep cultural connection to country, to which her paintings are a lasting testament.’ Jane Raffan

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