Mimih Yawkyawk, Sculptures from Maningrida

Brochure , 2013

2 €

Editions Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris
Mimih-Yawkyawk: Contemporary Aboriginal Sculptures from Maningrida Art Center, Arnhem Land
Bilingual text: English - French
ISBN : 978-2-9544576-2-8

The inhabitants of western Arnhem Land believe that the Mimih spirits have a social organisation similar to that of the Aborigines and that Mimih society existed before that of humans. It was the Mimih who taught the first humans how to survive in the rocky landscape of the Arnhem Land plateau. The Mimih also taught them how to hunt and cut up game, and how to dance, sing and paint. The singing and dancing style of the aborigines of western Arnhem Land is still known as the "Mimih style".

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