Warraburburn , 2022

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Maningrida
Dimensions : cm
Medium : Wood and natural pigments
Prix : Nous contacter / contact us
N° : 4415

This sculpture is a representation of a 'Warraburnburn' or 'ghost spirit', believed in by the inhabitants of the Arnhem heartland. These spirits are embodied by the dancers during the final act of a funeral ceremony. This dance serves as the family's final farewell to the deceased. These spirits have many features in common with humans: like them, they go out as a family to look for food outside their camp. Male spirits fish while their wives gather. However, the Warraburnburn are much larger than humans and have supernatural powers. The artists always cover their bodies in white, one of the characteristics that sets them apart from the Mimih spirits, other spirits of the region.