Tingari Cycle , 1996

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Région de Papunya
Dimensions : 144 x 166 cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
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N° : 4485

Originally from Western Australia, here the artist celebrates the peregrinations accomplished during the Dreamtime by the ancestors of his clan: the Tingari Men. 

The Tingari are a group of mythical figures who travelled throughout the Australian continent during the Time of Creation, shaping certain sacred sites. Their journeys are recorded in numerous songs that are still used today for initiation purposes.

Accompanied by their wives and apprentices, they travelled across the Great Australian Desert, founding sacred sites at each stage of a labyrinthine journey that is reflected in Tim Payungka's particularly modern work.

This painting is also characteristic of the style of the first phase of Papunya Tula artists. This pictorial style follows minimalist and graphic artistic codes. The shapes are simple, geometric and linear, such as circles and quadrilaterals. These motifs, often in warm, telluric colours, are set against black, ochre or yellow backgrounds, reminiscent of cave paintings or the ground at traditional ceremonies. What's more, these geometric patterns are concentric, repeating themselves and forming a labyrinth, giving the works a kinetic, hypnotic dimension and movement.