Angelina Pwerle KNGALE

Wild Plum , 2010

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Utopia
Dimensions : 121 x 89 cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Price : Nous contacter / contact us
N° : 4396

Angelina Pwerle Kngale is both the heiress and the religious leader of the Dream of the Wild Plum. According to this dream, the Great Ancestors who emerged from the original magma created a watering place called Arlperre in the territory of the artist's people, which still exists today. It was in this area that the first desert plum trees grew, the fruit of which the Aborigines still harvest today. The women who held this Dream of fertility celebrated it in ceremonies by smearing their skins with emu fat. Their bodies were then painted by their peers, who used natural pigments whose colours reflected those of plums, depending on their stage of ripeness.