Linda Syddick NAPALJARRI

My Father is in Heaven , 1996

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Région de Papunya
Dimensions : 129 x 128 cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Price : Nous contacter/ Contact Us
N° : 2680

In this painting, the artist pays tribute to his late father. His totem was the emu, represented four times by the pairs of three-toed legs at the corners of the canvas, perhaps indicating the four points of the compass. The emus are gathered around a waterhole (the central circle) from which they drink.
Although Lynda Syddick is Aboriginal, she was brought up in a Lutheran mission, which explains the use in her work of symbols borrowed from both cultures. Christian crosses can be seen around the waterhole.
Seen from above, the water takes on the appearance of a Byzantine church dome seen from below. In this way, earthly and heavenly visions come together.