Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming , 2010

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Utopia
Dimensions : 137 x 137 cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
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N° : 2226

Regarded as one of the leading artists on the contemporary Aboriginal scene, Kathleen Petyarre's work depicts a topographical view of her clan territory, evoking the ancestral myth of the Arnkerrth Lizard Woman. At the centre of the canvas is the ceremonial sacred site associated with the 'green pea'. The seeds of this leguminous plant are eaten by Arnkerrth and the healers. The multitude of seeds scattered across the land and the sand dunes formed by swirling storms give the canvas an impressive sense of movement and vitality. The lines running across the canvas evoke the tracks and paths travelled by the mythical lizard.

Work produced as part of an artist residency from 14 to 24 September 2010 at Daoulas Abbey as part of the exhibition "Grand Nord-Grand Sud. Artistes Inuits et Aborigènes" organised by the EPCC Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère(www.cdp29.fr) in co-production with the Musée des Confluences - Département du Rhône. With the kind support of the Australian Embassy in France.