Elizabeth DUNN

Kampurara Tjukurpa - Elizabeth’s Story , 2021

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Ernabella
Dimensions : 27 x 22 x 22 cm
Medium : Ceramic
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N° : 4414

Drawing inspiration from her elders, whom she has admired working with since she was a child, Elizabeth Dunn has also embarked on the production of art. A true chameleon artist, she tackles both painting and sculpture. Having spent her early childhood in Adelaide and trained in Papunya, she now returns to the land of her ancestors in Ernabella. Here, she represents the dream of the wild tomato. For her ancestors, the bush tomato represented one of the main sources of food. Elizabeth says that even today, members of the community go in search of these tomatoes. But the task has been made more difficult by the import of ‘western’ plants, which have proliferated without the knowledge of the continent's pre-existing plants.