Niah Juella MCLEOD

Gugaa Waraawara 1 - Stringy bark with fishing line string , 2022

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Yuin
Dimensions : 100 x 150 cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Price : Nous contacter/ Contact Us
N° : 4530

Niah's works are inspired by different moments in her life and only a few have a meaning related to traditional Dreamtime stories. All the canvases feature either fine lines or small dots forming a hypnotic pattern, created using a pipette, a brush or the spine of an echidna, a small animal typical of the Australian fauna.

Here, the canvas is criss-crossed by a kind of black crack symbolising a fishing line, known as a ‘waraawara’. The brushed beige background blends with the vortex of light white lines, echoing the totem pole of the Yuin community from which Niah comes. This is a species of eucalyptus called ‘stringy bark’ (‘gugaa’) in reference to its gaunt appearance. The canvas depicts a fishing session sheltered under the eucalyptus trees.