Francisca Brown NAMPIJINPA

Tingari Cycle , 2023

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Yuendumu
Dimensions : cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Prix : Nous contacter/ Contact Us
N° : 4420

With this work, Francisca Brown evokes part of the Tingari Cycle, a theme inherited from her grandfather, which celebrates the splendour of her sacred territory. In the Dreamtime, the Tingari ancestors roamed the Australian desert in the company of their wives and apprentices. At each stage of their journey, they created sacred sites, instituted religious ceremonies and told stories associated with the places they passed through through song, dance and painting. So, while Francisca has kept the ancestral technique of dotting, she has modified it by linking the dots together instead of juxtaposing them, which gives the graphics in her work greater fluidity.