Bush Leaves , 2023

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Utopia
Dimensions : 95 x 89,5 cm
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
N° : 4492

Abie Loy is one of the new generation of artists living in the Utopia community, in the heart of the Australian desert. She began painting in 1994 on the advice of her grandmother, the famous Kathleen Petyarre, who guided her in her first works, inspired by the 'dreams' of which she is the ritual guardian: principally that of the Bush Leaves, of which this painting is a celebration.

Inspired by the flowering of a totemic plant that is "taboo" because it is a double symbol of death and fertility, the canvas seems to vibrate with the intimate life of Nature, and can also be read as a "self-portrait" of the artist, who describes herself as "shy" like the plant she paints, whose leaves retract when touched: the "Sensitive".