Bagu , 2012

Art : Aboriginal
Origine : Girringun
Dimensions : 19 x 35 x 4,5 cm
Medium : Ceramic
Prix : Nous contacter / contact us
N° : 2525
The Bagu were originally fire boards. These objects had a sacred value because of the torrential rains that regularly fall in this tropical region. They were carried on the move by this nomadic people. Women were not allowed to handle them, only one man appointed by the group had exclusive responsibility for the fire and had to ensure that it never went out. The Queensland Aborigines gave these boards an anthropomorphic shape in honour of the fire spirit - [i]Chikka-bunnah[/i]. While in the past they were made exclusively of wood, the artists at this art centre, who are constantly experimenting with new techniques, have recently chosen to use clay to express themselves.