Aubrey is the son of Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, one of the leading painters of the Papunya Tula movement. He was born in Papunya in 1970 and has only recently started painting. His mother is Purrunga Napangati, eldest daughter of Walangkura Napurrula. Aubrey lives mainly in Kintore.

 These paintings depict motifs associated with the Walungurru (Kintore) site, located deep in the western desert. During ancestral times, Ngintaka (Perentie) is said to have visited this site from the west, where he died before turning to stone, becoming a prominent mountain that marks the community's boundary. The site is also associated with the secret-sacred cycle of the Tingari song, the contents of which are known only to initiated Pintupi. Although the specific stories are closely guarded, the Tingari in general are a group of ancestral Dreaming beings who roamed the country, performing rituals and creating and transforming important sites. Their adventures are recorded in numerous song cycles, and their stories form part of the initiatory teachings.

Aubrey's strong use of line and repetition rendered in a restrained monochrome palette creates a fascinating optical effect, allowing the viewer to follow in the Ngintaka's footsteps to his final resting place.