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Dennis NONA_Piki_Torres Strait
N°: 2218

Artist: Dennis NONA

Title: Piki

Art : Aboriginal

Community: Ile de Badu

Dimensions: L: 120 x H: 80 cm

Date: 2009

Medium: Etching
Price range: Non disponible à la vente / Not available

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In past times, men would carry out a special ritual to contact ancestral spirits. Before retiring to bed a man would rub his head and the kuik (skulls) of deceased ancestors with sweetsmelling jarr and matuau leaves. This rite would induce piki (a dream) in which he might seek protection, or ask for guidance on important issues such as dispute settlement, hunting strategies or battle plans. In this image, the dreamer is sleeping on a tupmul (stingray), which indicates that he belongs to the tupmul augadal (stingray clan).Behind his head is the skull of an ancestor, most likely that of one of his deceased parents.Although human skulls were sometimes objects of exchange, the skulls of one’s own parents and of revered warriors were never traded.
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