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Paddy Fordham WAINBURRANGA_Dancing Mimih spirit_Australian Aboriginal Art
N°: 1078

Artist: Paddy Fordham WAINBURRANGA

Title: Dancing Mimih spirit

Art : Aboriginal

Community: Autres / Others

Dimensions: L: 95 x H: 120 cm

Date: 2003

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Price range: Nous contacter / contact us

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Paddy Fordham Wainburranga's paintings celebrate, among other things, the Mimih spirits who appeared in the mythical Dreamtime to give people laws and customs, reveal the secrets of medicine, and teach them art, song, dance and painting. These spirits are characterised by their extreme thinness, and the painter has emphasised this feature by highlighting their disproportionately long limbs. The thinness of the trunk is accentuated by the small size of the head. The spirit holds musical instruments decorated with feathers and is surrounded by birds on ritual objects and a kind of flute. The use of dotted lines is reminiscent of the body paintings done during ceremonies.

This painting is illustrated in the book 'Aboriginal Painting' on page 12.
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