Defending the Oceans at the United Nations, New York

The exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City (USA), which came at the invitation of the President of the
General Asembly, and is set to run from the 5th to 30th of June 2017, is a collection of newly commissioned works which are part of
the overall 'Australia: Defending the Oceans' exhibition.
The exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters will coincide with World Oceans Day and the Sustainable Development Goal 14
conference- both are two events which synchronise with the exhibition's core environmental concept.
The exhibition is comprised of two exhibition components: 17 sculptural ghost-net (discarded fishing net) sculptures by
Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre artists and a multimedia sculptural work by Brian Robinson. This exhibition will showcase
innovation and highlight the ambition to diversify into new mediums and art practices which is emerging from Cape York and the
Torres Strait (Queensland, Australia), while at the same time maintaining cultural, social and environmental concepts. While being
high quality artworks, the works featured in this exhibition are primarily a vehicle of cultural and artistic expression by which the
artists, who are Traditional Owners/Custodians of their regions, are able to highlight the devastating effect that pollution can have
on ecosystems for both humans and aquatic life.
Following on from the United Nations show, the works have been invited to travel to the renowned Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art
Collection at the Univeristy of Virginia. This public university collection is one of the most significant of Australian Indigenous art in
the United States, with the institution having many strong ties with the art industry in Australia. This exhibition is set to launch in
September with the closing date of the show yet to be decided.

Ghostnet sculptures by Pormpuraaw artists: list of works

Brian Robinson's installation


Cette exposition a été rendue possible grâce à au soutien du gouvernement australien par le biais du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères,
du Ministère des Arts et de l'Australia Council for the Arts.
This exhibition is proudly supported by the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts, the Australia Council for the Arts & the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Ce projet est un travail collectif entre différents partenaires culturels :
The project is a collective of the following cultural partners:


Pour en savoir plus sur les œuvres et l’exposition contactez :
To know more about the works or the exhibition, please contact:

+ 33 6 80 94 80 03

179, Boulevard Pereire, 75017 Paris. France



+ 61 400 920022

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