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Owen YALANDJA_Ngalkodjek Yawkyawk_Australian Aboriginal Art
N°: 4242

Artist: Owen YALANDJA

Title: Ngalkodjek Yawkyawk

Art : Aboriginal

Community: Maningrida

Dimensions: L: 15 x H: 195 x P: 5 cm

Date: 2022

Medium: Natural pigments on wood
Price range: Nous contacter / contact us

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Born in the Dreamtime, Yawk Yawk, the Mermaid Ancestor, guardian of the maidens, lives in the waterholes of northern Australia. It is said that Yawk Yawk is so light that she can float on the surface of the water. In order to obtain her favourite food that grows on land, she has the ability to transform her tail into legs and thus move on the ground as an adult. Its appearance marks the end of the rainy season: it guarantees the fertility of the land and announces abundant harvests. In keeping with tradition, Owen Yalandja has depicted the mermaid in an upright position with tail fins resembling legs. Her body and head are decorated with dotted and dashed patterns reminiscent of the body paintings done during religious ceremonies.
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