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Abie Loy KEMARRE_Bronze Bush Leaf - trellis_Australian Aboriginal Art
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N°: 3781

Artist: Abie Loy KEMARRE

Title: Bronze Bush Leaf - trellis

Art : Aboriginal

Community: Utopia

Dimensions: L: 41 x H: 61 cm

Date: 2019

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Price range: VENDUE / SOLD

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Aboriginal painter Abie Loy Kemarre was born in 1972 in the Central Desert where she lived a semi-traditional life, far from the classical western school system. Her family members had her follow a number of traditional ceremonies in order to teach her their culture.

Through that process, she inherited the right to paint her Bush Leaf series from her father, and she depicts only the aspects of the story that belongs to women.

Plant pharmacology is an important preserve for Aboriginal women and features in many women’s-only ceremonies.

The leaves in Abie’s paintings are from the plant lpomoea muelleri (in the Alyawarre language anaytapaytap), which grows in swampy areas near sandhills in her grandfather’s country. Its leaves have curative properties for a multitude of ills.

From afar, the work’s fluid surface movement captures attention. When close, the viewer is further entranced by the detail in the leaves themselves.

Powerful optical effects are in play in these paintings. The inferred association between their spiralling movements and physical disorientation is endorsed by the known pharmacological properties of the leaves themselves: “Kemarre’s Bush Leaf Dreaming provokes powerful sensations in the spectator. The colours and forms appear to vibrate with dazzling intensity, investing Kemarre’s canvases with an almost hallucinatory power ...capturing the wild profusion of the intertwining networks of medicinal leaves.” (Dr. Christine Nicholls)
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